Monday, June 9, 2008

front checkout: interim reviews

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Stuart's House

Narrative 5.21.2008

You are invited into the drug store by a centralized entryway set beneath a slight overhang. The sliding door directs your view immediately to the center island where targeted merchandise is displayed on knee height shelves. Once entering the space your back is warmed by the daylight coming through the raised windows. Slightly beyond this low island is the pharmacy customer service counter. Upon approaching the pharmacy you can clearly see the organized shelves and dispensing counters. Highlighted by diffused light from the ceiling, the pharmacy is divided into two layers, one for dispensing the medication and the final steps in processing the prescription. The second is the center core for compounding and the storage of all prescription drugs. Each layer is comprised of contrasting colors in order for you to see the sections in the layered space. The pharmacy is placed in the center of the store to promote its importance to the store itself. The environment of the store radiates directly off the pharmacy and the work that goes on within it. The opacity of the materials that create the pharmacy structure allow for an additional control of theft as well as cleanliness. You are entertained by watching your prescription be prepared. After dropping off your needed prescription you see a designated seating area, however you choose to tour the store for some additional items you need. Rotating out from the centralized pharmacy are numerous rows of wooden shelving which contain over the counter medicines. Along the outskirts of the merchandise floor are additional areas for the display of beauty, household, bulky and gift items. After finding the several items you need, you make your way to the front checkout. At the front checkout you find a low wooden counter (accessible for all ages) and the restricted merchandise behind the cashier. After making your purchase you find your way back to the pharmacy waiting area which is comprised of comfortable seating in small clusters. This half elevated seating area promotes waiting individuals to watch the functions of the store. All necessary major sections of the store are clearly placed for easy access and visibility. From this location you watch numerous other customers make their orders at the photo-lab drop off. The clearly labeled areas of the store capture your attention and encourage you to continue shopping here. From the opposite side of the pharmacy drop off counter you hear your name being paged. You purchase your prescription from the rear counter and casually continue to the exit. Upon exiting the drug store, you see a series of organized plants and shrubbery that line the area between the parking lot and the adjacent business.